Are Name Brand Shampoos Really Worth It?

Do brand names matters when you go shopping for shampoos. Sure big brands spend lots of money on advertising their products. But are they really worthy of buying and trying? Big companies such as L’Oréal, Schwarzkopf Etc spend a lot of money in developing the product to fulfill customer’s need.

According to cosmetic developers, a private label product might contain higher-end ingredients that could leave better results and gives your hair healthy, natural, softness and bouncy look than other cheaper hair care products. But ….I want to tell something .. I had tried a lot of hair care products from expensive to cheaper ones, But from my personal experience exotic shampoos are much better than any other cheap shampoo because the ingredients present in these shampoos are natural and of very good quality they do not harm the hair and leaves the great result fell my hair softer, silkier and bouncy.

So if you ask us, do name brand shampoos really worth? then we say yes !!!!! Due to following reasons.

Shampoo Performance

The performance of name brand shampoos is very good as compared to any other regular store shampoo. Non-brand shampoo damages the hair completely and they make your hair rough and dry. The chemical used in cheap shampoo is very dangerous, they cause many skin related diseases like cancer etc. On the other hand, exotic shampoo is skin-friendly natural ingredients are used in this shampoo. The exotic shampoo cleanses the scalp properly.

Shampoo Ingredients

If we talk about the ingredients of non-brand shampoos they contain an excess amount of Ethanolamines, Parabens, Octinoxate., Oxybenzone, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. These are very harmful to our scalp and cause cancer like diseases. These chemicals damage the hair completely and cause many problems in future. But on the other hand exotic shampoo contain all-natural ingredients like Rosemary, shea butter,clay and charcoal, Tapioca, honey, coconut oil ,tamanu oil, Avocado oil, olive oil etc these natural ingredients are essential for our hair and leaves the great result make your hair soft and supple, bouncy, thick and long, ad extra shine to your hair.


The packaging of cheap shampoo is very simple, the material used for making the plastic bottle is cheap and of very poor quality. But the packaging of an exotic shampoo bottle is very attractive and material used for this is of very high quality. Most of the customer attract to the shampoo bottle.

Also, one more important thing, the chemical used for preserving cheap shampoo is Ammonium Chloride which is not good for the hair. But in exotic shampoo, they do not use such harmful chemicals.

Exotic shampoos never come in satchel but cheap quality shampoo always comes in the satchel.

Name brand shampoos are always good for you, they really worth your money. For more information on exotic shampoos and hair care tips visit


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