Guide To Wash Your Hair The Right Way in Simple Steps

Guide To Wash Your Hair The Right Way in Simple Steps

Gorgeous looking hair is the dream of every girl. Good hair is a sign of good health. Some girls are blessed with beautiful hair but some of them are not. For beautiful hair, you have to take care of your hair properly and have to follow some techniques to wash your hair the right way in simple steps

So here is some simple way to get really shiny, healthy and bouncy hair.

# Comb:

combing is the first part to be done before shampooing. It makes shampooing easy. Combing removes dirt, frizz and dead cells from your hair.

# Soak your hair Properly:

Before shampooing soaks your hair properly with water. Never use hot water for soaking your hair because it will remove the natural oil from your hair and make them dry. Use cold or normal water for soaking.

# Shampoo:

Do not apply shampoo directly on the scalp. Applying chemical directly on scalp create many health problems. Take a coin amount of shampoo and dissolve in water then apply this mixture to your hair. Massage the shampoo in the circular motion on your scalp and rinse the shampoo properly with water.

# Wash off the shampoo :

Wash off the shampoo mixture properly from your hair. If you will not rinse the shampoo properly it will make your hair dull and dry.

# Re-apply shampoo:

If dust particle does not remove properly them reapply shampoo and clean your scalp.

# Conditioning:

Conditioning is the only way to lock the moisture in the hair. Many girls do not apply conditioner but it is equally important as shampoo. Always buy shampoo and conditioner of the same brand and buy conditioner which is suitable for your hair type. Apply the conditioner to the root of your hair never apply it on the scalp and after applying leave the conditioner for some time. Rinse the conditioner properly from your hair.

# Never use hair dryer:

Some people use the hair dryer on hair to dry wet hair. Hair dryer is not good for your hair. It will make your hair dry. Always use towel or cotton cloth to dry your wet hair


# care for wet hair:

Do not comb wet hair as combing take away the hair along with roots. Combing on wet hair is the main reason for hair fall.

# Serum:

After shampooing if you want to style your hair then apply a good serum on your hair. Serum adds extra shine and smoothing to your hair.

Tips for beautiful hair:

● Choose shampoo according to the type of your hair and according to weather. In summer take the shampoo which removes oil and dandruff from your and in winter use the shampoo which adds extra moisture to your hair.

● Oil your hair properly twice in a week.

● Do not apply harsh chemical on the hair.

We bring you things to remember to wash your hair the right way. Read these hair care tips and find out what you are missing when you are hair washing with a shampoo at


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