How to wash hair with shampoo at home

People always get confused when they are about to wash hair. They always try different procedures and shampoo’s to wash hair. Shampooing is very important for hair as it removes excess dirt and oil from the hair. It’s better you wash your hair 2-3 times a week. If you want to wash hair with shampoo at home, then follow these important instructions-



: The first step before washing your hair is check the water. Don’t use hot water as it dries your scalp and takes away all the natural oils from your scalp. Always use cold or normal water for hair wash. In winter you can use lukewarm water.



Don’t choose a harsh shampoo for your hair. Always choose mild shampoo. To wash your hair with shampoo at home take a coin amount of shampoo on the palm and mix it with the water. Do not use extra shampoo, it increases leather. If you apply direct shampoo on the scalp, it is difficult to rise and after washing some particles left behind. Apply the shampoo towards the direction of roots and massage scalp gently with the fingertips.



: When you apply shampoo on the scalp, massage it gently with fingertips in circular motion. Most of the oil is present on the scalp so massage properly on the scalp. Never rub your hair, as the wet hair is on weakest stage and rubbing can cause hair loss. Hair store no oil so never rub shampoo on the length of hair. Apply shampoo completely on all over the scalp and rinse it well.


Wash the shampoo completely from the hair. Now it’s time to apply the conditioner. Always remove excess water from the hair before applying conditioner. Squeeze out all extra water with the microfiber towel. If the hair is wet the conditioner is diluted. Massage a coin amount of conditioner to the length of hair. Never massage the conditioner gently press it into your hair. Apply conditioner on mids to end. Never apply too much conditioner on the scalp. For best result leave it in for 4-5 min.


Best way to remove the conditioner, rinse it with cool water as it seals the cuticles avoiding splits end. Conditioner will make the hair soft and shiny. Never use hot water it will take away the conditioner by making them dry.


Use a microfiber towel or an old cotton tee shirt to remove the extra water. Gently remove the water and never rub the hair.


Finish off all procedure by applying the nourishing serum on hair. Serum will give the proper finishing to your hair making them soft and shiny.

Follow these 7 tips and find out what you are missing when you wash hair with shampoo at home. For more hair care tips at


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