Myths About Shampoo You Need to Stop Believing

Every coin has two sides just like that people has their own myth and beliefs. If we talk about shampooing hair, then there are many myth and beliefs of people regarding shampoo. But never listen to anybody myths, they could be always false. Here are some myths about shampoo you need to stop believing, and how you can use the truth to your (beautiful) benefit.

Switching shampoos is good for your hair

No this is not true. Stick to only one shampoo brand. But if sometimes dandruff occurs you can switch to anti-dandruff shampoo. Testing different brand shampoo can cause serious hair problems.

Washing your hair with cold water makes it shinier.

If you torture yourself by washing them with cold water then there is a good news for you to stop it now “The temperature of the water has nothing to do with whether the scalp or hair is clean or the appearance of the hair,” only use of conditioner make your hair softer and shinier not washing with cold water.

You should wash your hair every other day

You often heard that you should wash your hair every day. But this is not true. You have to wash your hair according to the type of your scalp. If your scalp is oily then you can wash them twice a week and if the hair is not oily, then wash them twice a week. Daily shampooing removes the natural oil from the scalp. Breakage problem arises by washing them daily.

Fine hair shouldn’t be conditioned

“This is false — both hair and scalp need to be conditioned!” states Fusco. “Proper shampooing and conditioning nourish the scalp, allowing healthy beautiful hair to grow and also helps to condition the hair.” The doctor advises people of all hair types to look for a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated.

Dry shampoo is better than washing your hair with regular shampoo.

Some people say dry shampoo is better than liquid shampoo and use dry shampoo daily. But this is a myth. Never use dry shampoo daily as it contains many harmful chemicals it will damage your hair. Use dry shampoo once in a while. Regular shampoo is best for washing they will cleanse your hair properly.

Using the right products will make your hair thicker

Shampoo will not thicken your hair. It can only improve the quality of your hair.

Shampooing will increase shedding

Again this myth is false, the shampoo does not increase the shedding of hair. Shampoo only cleanse the hair and improve the quality of hair. In Fact, there are many brands of shampoo which decrease the shedding of hair and helps to grow hair faster.

Hope you stop believing all these myths about shampoo. For more hair care tips visit


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