Pro Tips to Choose an Exotic Shampoo

The right exotic shampoo is the boon for the healthy and shiny hair but most of the people choose shampoo without knowing their hair type. Different shampoos are made for different hair type. So if you are facing problem in choosing right exotic shampoo we can help you to choose an exotic shampoo for your hair type.

Basically, there are four different hair types – straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, kinky hair.

Straight hair: They are straight from top to bottom and these are hard to damage and difficult to curl. These are very oily.

Wavy hair: They lies between straight and curly hair. Wavy hair is not properly straight and even not curly. This hair type is frizzy and hard to style.

Curly hair: Curly hairs form S or Z type pattern. Length of this hair is short. These are kind of rough, frizzy, dull types of hair.

Kinky hair: Kanky hair featured in coiled curl pattern. These are very dry hairs.

Tips to choose the best exotic shampoo for different hair type are-

Shampoo tips for straight hair:

A person with Straight hair has an oily scalp so they have to choose non-greasy and oil free shampoo. For some time they have to switch to anti-dandruff shampoo because straight hair faces the dandruff problem most of the time. So choose an exotic shampoo with ingredients like jujube bark extract, aloe vera etc

Shampoo tips for wavy hair:

Wavy hair is unruly hair. For this type of hair use the shampoo with the active ingredients like apricot kernel or Jojoba oil. These shampoos will help your hair to feel less wavy and help in styling the hair.

Shampoo tips for curly hair:

For curly hair choose exotic shampoo which helps to protect the hair from frizz, which blocks humidity, Prevents curl deformation and Leaves hair soft and supple. For this types of hair use the shampoo with the active ingredients of moringa seed.

Shampoo tips for kinky hair:

Kinky hair is very dry hair. For these types of hair use the shampoo which is enriched with natural oils like – grapeseed oil, avocado oil, and shampoo with shea butter,

cupuacu butter etc. These ingredients will remove the frizziness of hair and make the hair soft and supple.

Important General Information on Shampoo:

A small drop ½ an inch in diameter shampoo is enough for short hair and ¾ of an inch in diameter quantity is enough for long hair. Always keep your hair wet during shampooing. Rinse out all shampoo thoroughly from hair and use a mild shampoo for normal hair. Choose an exotic shampoo according to change in weather.

Choose an exotic shampoo for hair isn’t rocket science. Follow, if you want to buy exotic shampoo for your different hair types.


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Lena Charles

Perfect timing! My hair has been feeling so dry and brittle lately and I"m sure the cold winter air doesn't help! I'm going to start using some of these tips ASAP!
Lena || easy hair curling

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